My Rating: Had to Stop Reading

Whatever else you think of John C. Wright, you can’t deny he can write some pretty compelling prose. He’s easily the best stylist in the group of books I didn’t finish.

When I started this book I had no idea of who he is and I had never read any of his other work. At some point the wierdly out of place incidents of naked spanking and sort-of incest got hard to take. Also, his not only reactionary, but just plain odd gender politics (I don’t even know what to call what he’s doing here, but it’s freaky) got the better of me. Once I stopped, I didn’t understand how I could have possibly gotten as far into the book as I did. The best explaination s that in spite of everything else he’s a good story-teller.

Inside you’ll find some of the most repugnant political / social views around and a lot of just plain weird shit, and not in a good way. I made it about halfway through.